Sacred Journeys – your stories wanted

Michael Fleck and Gary Cook have just completed another sacred journey through parts of Aotearoa with a group fresh from the first ever WOW summit, and we would love to hear from any or all of you here! post a post and make sure you click on  ‘categories’ on the right of where you are writing your post, on the new one  – ‘Sacred Journeys with Michael Fleck and Gary Cook’. Any Videos could be wonderful too – put them up on youtube and post a link here…

If you have a story of ANY sacred journey or pilgrimage, we’d love you to post it here too. That reminds me – I will add a broader category – ‘Stories of Sacred Journeys’…

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Wow! Tabula Rasa

Well I had to rush in where angels fear to tread, and write the first post since our first WOW! event. We were on sacred ground, whether we knew it or not. There was a burning bush there. I ‘saw’ the Tree of Life, towering above us , whose branches were in heaven, whose five trunks made a circle around our circle. When we lay down like spokes around the circle i felt as if we were its roots, and when Adam and others stood in the circle they were part of its trunk. And the staff was a true (though incomplete) image of it. Thank you all for loving the staff, accepting it and me there, as we were. Being there – it was as i guess i trusted, perfect. For now. Next time, a turn or two of the spiral higher, the voltage higher.

So, we  came, a variety of wonderful things – expected and unexpected – happened, and now it really is up to us – the writing on the blank pages that lie to hand, with some new colours and new words, some of them definitely divine. The theme, as I think it was Elandra said, seemed to be Stepping Up.

Thank you all. Thanks to That which calls us to step up, not patiently or impatiently, as It or She or He is infinite and beyond time – and space, yet also in it. The Circle whose circumference is nowhere and whose Centre is everywhere.  And the Tree of Life, within us and among us.

I met some wonderful beings this weekend, and definitely some wizards of WOW! Wizards and wise ones of the world, unite!


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“Being There”

I was hoping to bring along lots of stuff, but life and its vicissitudes, and me and my  shortcomings,  ‘got in the way’.  So all I might manage is me and my newly-carved Tree of Life staff. Sigh! But I realized that Being There must come first – first BE then Do then Have, and be willing to let go of the doing and having and trust in the being alone if necessary. Empty, I give of … myself, and whatever can come through me. I guess we all tend to judge ourselves and others by What they bring rather than Who they bring. Let us be wise this weekend and see the Who in one another, and be rich in Being…

ps:  i will have at least the prototype Wheel of wisdom and humbly submit it for your testing 🙂

pps: does anyone remember that haunting peter sellers movie BEING THERE, about the simple ?gardener whose innocence was like magical and transformed the corrupt things around him?


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Age of Wisdom Graph

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What is WOW World of Wisdom? We are in the AGE of Wisdom

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I pledge allegiance to the Earth!

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“Woodstock” still haunts me

When I heard this song on the ‘hit parade’ as a teenager I was not quite old enough to really think about it as well as feel. But feel I did, and it has haunted me for over forty years. It’s so beautiful – and its message is still hanging in the air, as a question mark over humanity: Will we get ourselves back to the Garden?

I remember I too had a dream, and I saw those same bomber jets turning into butterflies above our nation. But when i awoke, I was still a young man full of confusion and questions and hangups, a crawling hungry caterpillar. i had a long way to go before i could hear the call as clear as i am now. Will you return to the Garden? Will you become a butterfly?

Maybe WOW is about answering that question with a resounding harmonic YES.

Here’s the version by Southern Comfort, complete with footage of woddstock. Do you hear the Piper calling us to join him? I do. Join us in the trees and on the grass of the sacred groves of Kawai pura pura. We do need to clarify and lose the smog, before the turning of the Wheel of this Age.  Click on this and hear the song and listen to the words – they are divine. And then, act on them. I dare you! 🙂 And come to WOW! Woods Of Wonder…


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Michael Bradford pyschic healer from UK/USA will be at WOW

I will be writing something about the wonderful wisdom walkers of NZ who will be at WOW…Michael is our new friend who is touring NZ giving very exciting talks and demonstrations of instant healing of physical problems and their origins in past lives and more. I saw him in action at New Spirit Festival. As a powerful catalyst he reveals that healing is self healing and self chosen, according to belief and readiness. It is reassuring to see that it is in the acceptance and acknowledging, the belief change and the choice that transformation happens. That means that everybody can do this and that is the message he conveys in both a dynamic and humble way. Imagine what we can do synergistically to clear past lives which have been are all too present for us genetically and to empower us all as a group in these 2 days!

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Update and news on registering for WOW! Walking Our Wisdom Summit & Celebration

WOW! Walking Our Wisdom Summit & Celebration is the first of a series of international co-created gatherings by the worldwide transformational community and movement.
The purpose is to translate our collective, shared wisdom into powerful action and interaction, thus creating a sustainable life, culture and joyous future through the challenges of 2012 and beyond.
We are a cooperative of ‘cultural creatives’ and ‘wisdom walkers’ with decades of valuable experience in sacred activism. Recognizing that collaboration is the key to success we are gathering with Gary Cook and Michael Fleck of Sacred Journeys, Daring Donna of Magic Land, Peter Harris Wizard of Eutopia, Dr. Robin Kelly (Medical Doctor and creator of musical ‘Shamanarama’ ), Michael Bradford (world renowned psychic healer of UK/USA ), Antion of Sacred Sound and many more…
See the flyer and click to learn more about the purpose, programme and presenters, and how YOU are already a valued cocreator. Register by midnight 10th March to be one of the 100 we can host and to be in the draw for some valuable gifts! Contact organizer Elandra at 021 055 1120

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