About WOW!

Welcome, wisdom walkers, to this new website and blog, born in Aotearoa, New Zealand. It is an initiative for you to post your unique wisdoms for the benefit of all, and to prepare for the WOW! – ‘Walking our Wisdom’ – Summits.

 2012 is a critical year and we are surrounded – often swamped – with urgent issues impacting our daily lives and the well-being of our kindred species. Many are frightened and hopeless, suicides are on the rise and there is no end in sight.

What and where is the solution we are looking for? We think a whole new consciousness is needed, and that coming together in community with a long-term plan to share and ‘walk’ our collective wisdom is vital.

Co-ordinated by five main vision-holders, the WOW! Summit & Celebration is being co-created by many wise ones of this land, initially 100  wisdom walkers,  evolutionaries, and cultural creatives, to share, discuss, record  and lovingly synergize (and  celebrate  with sacred song and dance)  our  unique wisdom NOW,  in preparation  for integrating the huge transformational energies of  2012 and beyond.

The world looks to New Zealand’s exceptional energies, activism and wisdom. Here in Aotearoa over the years of our awakening, we have walked many wisdom trails and experienced a wealth of bodymind learning and spiritual insight.

We have worked and played on many fronts. . .
* opposing deadly practices, such as nuclear weapons and power, whaling, mining, deforestation, GMOs
* healing ourselves, others and our communities — holistic therapies, male/female balance, alternatives to violence, etc.
* planting and restoring — organics, permaculture, community-supported agriculture, renewable energy, etc.
* designing, financing and community building — eco-villages, Prometheus, Transition Towns, etc.
* communicating our vision — Rainbow News, Healthy Options, In Touch, WisdomSeekers, The Forum, etc.
* celebrating and co-creating — Prana Festival, Nambassa, Te Wairua, Heart Politics, New Spirit Festival, EcoShow, Womad, etc.

We have downloaded terabytes of information, images, and films so our brain cells are awhirl, dazed and amazed. Yet throughout the labyrinth of data and myriad directions, our HEARTS always know the way.

We have been, and continue to be, the change we have yearned to see in ourselves, our country, and around our planet. More than a fringe tribe, more than an ‘alternative’ from the ‘mainstream’ — we are a vibrant new culture embedded in the social organism, interwoven throughout the fabric of Gaia.

While up to our ears workshopped, seminared, studied, campaigned, conferenced, gathered, networked – how do we now urgently translate our collective wisdom into the most effective action?


We are now ready for an enlightened level of action and interaction.

This time it’s different.

The times demand nothing less.

We propose gathering every equinox and solstice (honouring the Earth’s most propitious rhythms) at the sacred Kawai Purapura Sanctuary in Auckland to:
*  identify the wisdom we have to share and the themes that stir us deeply
*  embrace new friends and change-agents
*  discover practical tools and resources, viable networks and communities
*  re-ignite the core passions, give wings to our visions, and renewable fuel to our heart drives

*  celebrate and meditate, to pray and play, to sing and soar

Our time together is precious, and powerful. You know what is possible when we gather with purpose. Are you ready to step up to the new civilization of nature-based Love-and-Divinity-sourced co-creative sacred activism, internal and external? We hope your evolutionary destiny is guiding you to this gathering, to join 100 others for this purpose.

Join us for the weekend of March 18 and 19, 2012! Click the ‘Follow’ button on the home page now, and you will get email notification when the registration link is up, so you can then register to be one of the 100 we have room for. As a ‘follower’ of the WOW! blog you will also get email notification of updates, posts by our authors, and links to many resources for the 2012 transition.

And at any time you can comment on posts and contribute your own insights and ideas for this event and our shared future.



3 responses to “About WOW!

  1. Sherry

    Can’t see how to register for dinner on the 17th?!?

  2. elandra meredith

    up top is a button ‘register foe events’, click on it, thanks, love you!

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