Becoming an author on WOW!

Read this only if you had any trouble responding to the invitations that we sent out (and last night, resent) via wordpress:

Once you have answered the invitation (see the page ‘how to become an author on WOW!) – that is, given wordpress a user name and password as an Author on walkingourwisdom – you can log in and post or edit your posts – you should be able to go to the site and hover over the little WOW! blog icon in your menu bar above the  page, a drop-down menu should appear, with ‘dashboard’ at the top, then ‘new’. Hover on that and another appears with ‘post’ – click on that and you should see the post-composing window for the site. ( log in when prompted to – if you haven’t clicked ‘remember password’ then you have to re-enter whatever password you chose. Let me know any issues or confusions you have over this – 09 4312 178

remember you can always comment on any post WITHOUT having to become an author. And, you dont need to start a blog of your own to be an author on this one.


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